Vroom Permanent Filter Power Units
Vroom’s dual-filtration design with cyclonic action provides consistent vacuum power and protects your indoor air quality. Best of all, it features a permanent filter, which never needs replaced. With Vroom, you’ll enjoy hassle-free cleaning performance year after year.

  • Proven Motor Performance translates into strong vacuum power
  • Filter shroud deflects heavy dirt particles, and deposits them into the dirt canister
  • Self-cleaning, permanent CleanShield™ filter captures fine dust particles, eliminating the need for an outdoor exhaust.
  • High-capacity, translucent dirt canister needs emptied 3-4 times per year
  • On-board inlet valve with on/off switch allows convenient cleaning at the power unit location. 
Model Recommended
Home Size
(sq. feet)
Sealed Vacuum
(Water Lift)
CFM Max Max Air
Volts Max/Avg


Level of
1300 up to 3,500 125" 121 520 120 14.0/11.3 6 66.7 dBA Lifetime
1700 up to 7,000 141"  124 575 120  15.7/12.4 64.7 dBA  Lifetime
2300 up to 12,000 151" 136 707 120 14.7/12.2 6 67.9 dBA Lifetime


 *ASTM recognizes air watts as air power and is defined as "above the floor cleaning potential." 

 **Maximum amps refer to the potential amount of current if the power unit is running in a stand-alone situation.  (No tubing or accessories attached.)  Average amps refer to the actual amount of current used when the power unit is in typical operation (installed, with accessores attached.)

  ***ASTM draft F11.50.07 test method was used to determine dBA ratings.  Sound levels were measured at 6' from the power unit.  All power units were exhausted outdoors.